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Hello there, 
My name is Jennifer and I am the owner of Patterson's Sister Danes. I am married to my best friend and have the most beautiful children to help us raise these Great Dane babies. We have a love and passion for this amazing breed and we hope to better the breed with our Program.  We own our home with ample amount of space to raise babies. We will not be allowing visitors to our house, for the safety of our kids and dogs. However, we do LOTS of updates on Facebook through live videos along with group messages for each litter. 

How we became the Sister Danes:
- We have always loved the breed and found a great breeder to continue to work with. Allie has been a great help throughout this process and will continue to be my mentor. We decided that the Sister program would be a great way for us to both expand our programs- while working together. We both specialize in health tested (OFA eyes, Heart, and hips), even tempered and great representations of Great Danes. 

We will always continue to better our program and ourselves with the help of each other. All of the dogs in my program will be loved, whelped, and raised by me. I am so looking forward to growing my family of my Sister Danes. We cant wait to work with you.


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